I am giving a talk at the end of the month about what I see as the 10 biggest interior design trends for 2020.  I have been researching what is being predicted by industry experts and also what’s been presented at the big design shows in North America and abroad.

Some of the trends may be a bit much for most people…

ie: Maximalism (a personal favourite of mine) which involves the layering of lots of patterns, colours and textures.  Eclectic and whimsical….leave no wall untouched!

And some of the trends may be a bit too minimalist for some…

ie: the sleek styling of Japandi….the cool, relaxed Scandinavian aesthetic crossed with the clean lines of Japanese design.

So….I thought I would start my blog by highlighting 5 of the trends which I think everybody can get into:


Simply put – we are increasingly concerned about the environment.

People are becoming more ecologically conscious and knowledgeable than ever before.

They are asking

“Who is producing this piece?
What materials do they use?
Where do they source them from?”

They are embracing the use of handcrafted and recycled items, while also gravitating towards natural, organic and sustainable materials ranging from wood to stone, woven materials, rice paper, and clay.  Love this bamboo chandelier!


Say goodbye to the greys and cool tones that have dominated for oh so many years!

We are warming up to colour.. yellow ochre and burnt orange, red brick and clay, green olive and chocolate brown.

These earthy tones are soothing and easy to live with and are showing up in everything from wall colours and furnishings to fabrics and accessories.  Blue and soft muted pastels are hugely on trend as well.


In keeping with a more natural vibe, super clean straight lines are being replaced with comfy curves and organic silhouettes.

I laughed when I came across another designer’s quote:  “Life is tough enough as it is…..does your sofa need to be too?” 

I couldn’t agree more!


Wallpaper is back…..and this is not your Granny’s wallpaper!

Large scale botanicals, animal menageries and geometric designs are on trend, BIG time.

Why not bring the tropics into your kitchen?


It’s time to have fun with tile!

While subway tile is always a great go-to classic, people are experimenting more and more with tile patterns on both backsplashes and floors in their bathrooms and kitchens.

Thanks for stopping by!